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System Requirements

Minimum Recommendation

Intel Pentium 1.4GHz
RAM: 512 MB Mb
Disk Space: 8GB
Video RAM: Nvidia GeForce Geforce FX 5200

Core2 Duo Dual-Core Processor
Disk Space: 8GB
Video RAM: Nvidia GeForce Geforce 8600GT

About Yulgang

Yulgang Online is based on the world from the long-running famous Yulgang comic series. Drawing on this
rich legacy and highly-detailed world the unique anime-inspired style of Yulgang Online brings martial arts action to life! Choose either Chaos or Order, and fight for the world!

Couple System

Declare your love for another and become a couple! Couples receive couple-only quests and bonus experience if they play together.

Wedding System

Celebrate your love with the marriage system! Benefits range from exclusive wedding rings with amazing status to titles, skills and much more!

Master & Apprentice System

The Master & Apprentice System allows players to be in a teacher-student relationship. This allows for several bonuses, including a transfer of skills from the Master to the Apprentice.

Faction War

Chaos versus Order in all-out war! The war is won either by killing the respective faction leader NPC or by having the highest score by the end of the war. If your faction wins you will get several buff-rewards.

House War

Challenge another House in combat!

Cyclone Combat War

Chaos vs Order! In this war you are required to occupy towers, bases and win flags. The faction that collects more points during the limited time will be the winner and receive amazing rewards.

Last Man Standing

Combat to the death! Challenge others of your class, using only items dropped from monster inside the arena. The last man standing can chose to fight with Boss Monster DevilSky- or just get a reward item.

Battle Arena

The Battle Arena is a place where players can enjoy PvP without being restricted by faction. No penalties, no restrictions, enter at your own risk!


  • Archer

    The Archer handles a bow. A ranged damage dealer, striking enemies down from a distance compensating for its inability of withstanding damage.

  • Blader

    The Blader handles a blade. It doesn't have as much attack power as the Warrior however it compensates with the highest defence and HP which allows him to withstand more damage.

  • Busker

    The Busker handles the strings. They use rage as a primary attack stance, with three different stances to further enhance their combat abilities. Class with low defence but high attack and chi.

  • Hanbi

    The Hanbi much like the Blader also handles a blade. This class is based on the Hero of the comics and is the most recent one. With fast movement and cool down, its skills can be strategically used for an epic outcome.

  • Mage

    The Mage handles a staff. With the highest amount of chi among the classes the Mage is able to cast numerous skills, offering sustainability to others while able to deal damage from a safe distance.

  • Ninja

    A deadly fighter from the shadows which handles daggers. With the highest evasion and critical rate, however low defence and HP. Can debuff players or monsters.

  • Spearman

    The Spearman handles a spear. It's the slowest attacker, and lacks in defence, but the awesome attack power makes up for everything.

  • Warrior

    Wielding a huge two-handed sword the Warrior high offensive capabilities. It has high evasion, average attack, HP and defence.